Tuesday, May 21, 2013

escape plan

Or maybe lack of a plan... This is my final for my screenprinting class. I was thinking about the idea of "climbing the ladder" in terms of building a career and making money, and really, how going to art school is kind of climbing down that ladder for me. More like a fire escape than a ladder. Not to say that engineering is like a burning building that I need to flee, but... well, maybe it is. Or maybe art school is just a better fit? 
OR I'm going to end up penniless and homeless. Who knows?!? It's just all so exciting thinking about all of my bleak prospects!

When I tried to explain the idea behind this print in our critique, I was met with silence. Which made me feel like a gigantic Dumas. At the end of class, though, another girl who works for CalFire came up to me and said that when I was talking about the ladders and art and money, she felt the exact same way. So, either the silence was just weird art kids not understanding what I meant because they haven't yet experienced the world of personal finances, or the CalFire girl and I are both a couple of Dumases.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Senior Project

Here's my senior project. Another not quite finished piece, but I'm happy with the amount of work I did on it. I guess. Ha.
The title literally translates to "life" which sounds really pretentious, but I meant it more in the way I heard a lot of Russians say it. When something sad or really unlucky happened, they would let out a world weary sigh, shrug and say "Zhizn" as if resigned to living in an unfair world.
I know. It's still pretentious. But I'm in art school so bear with me.
...or I guess I'm not anymore!
I feel so lucky to have gone to school with so many talented and generous teachers and other students! I can't wait to see what all the CCA kids end up creating. And I'm so grateful for my family, friends and coworkers who have been there to support me in my crazy decision to go back to school.
I love you guys!

Friday, May 10, 2013

let me catch my breath

During my last two weeks of school, I finally found a chance to shoot my final piece with Charlie from last semester. I'm not totally happy with it. It could still use some more in-betweens and some of his faces aren't quite right, but it's pretty good for me!