Thursday, August 6, 2015

My latest creation

It's been a long time, old blog. I've moved, got hitched, my old dog passed away and I HAD A BABY! Yup. I created a new freaking life. Which is unbelievable and stressful and amazing and all-around great. She just turned one year old and is currently taking a nap, so I have time to write a quick post!

This is my little monster, Alex.
I love her to bits! But I have to admit that having and raising a baby, not to mention earning more money to pay the bills has really put a damper on my creative pursuits. I want to spend every waking minute with this little person, which doesn't leave a lot of time for rigging, screenprinting or even drawing. But I will post some of the very few projects I've managed to churn out.
This, however, has been my most important creation so far.