Saturday, February 16, 2013

contour... blind contour

The other day in my senior project class for animation, we were waiting for the teacher to come around and talk to us individually about our projects and my friend David decided it would be fun to do some blind contours. A blind contour is when you draw something without looking at your paper or lifting your pen until the image is complete. It typically ends up looking like either your brain, your hand or maybe both are heavily medicated and have gone rogue on you. And it was a fantastic idea. We soon got tired of drawing each other, so we moved on to the interwebs, where we chose the theme of Bond actors. These are my results and I find them surprisingly entertaining. Enjoy.





Saturday, February 2, 2013


These are a few sketches for character designs for a project I want to work on outside of school.
I know I should be working on my school assignments, but this is how my brain works!