Sunday, March 10, 2013


So I'm taking a screenprinting class this semester and once again, I'm totally loving it!
I'm starting to think maybe I should've been a printmaking major. Except that they smell bad and always look disheveled and I don't understand half the prints I see around campus... Take my typewriter for example. Sadly, it has no deeper meaning behind it. I like typewriters and bright colors. It's something I wouldn't mind looking at on a wall. It's obsolete and antiquated and has some nostalgic appeal, but no real underlying message.
Whereas other kids in my class printed things like a naked man and woman shooting their heads off with blood splatter. Or phallic playstation controllers. Um... thanks, but no thanks. When it comes to conceptual art that represents the deeper philosophical underpinnings of something like "ink on paper" and what it can say about femininity or consumerism... I just don't think I'll ever really get it. >sigh< C'est la vie.
Anyway, here's my print! In all its Technicolor fabulousness!


An I even tried putting it on a t-shirt... with mixed results. It's harder than it seems.